Virtual Shelter Sunday is a regular online workshop focused on developing new dramatic works in a safe inclusive environment

The heartbeat of The Shelter is our weekly Virtual Shelter Sunday workshop, where writers, directors, and actors challenge themselves to refine their respective crafts through hard work, creative exercise, experimentation and artistic discourse.

What is Virtual Shelter Sunday? It’s a place for writers and actors to work on their craft. Each evening sections of plays are written and critiqued (if desired). We also open each evening with a Sandbox presentation where we discuss topics of interest to writers, playwrights and producers.

Virtual Shelter Sunday operates with an open-door policy. We welcome any artist who would like to attend: sign up in advance here.

Virtual Shelter Sunday is absolutely free.


We meet Sundays starting at 6:30pm in the virtual space of Zoom.


We meet nearly every Sunday at 6:30pm, with some exceptions. Subscribe to the Artist Newsletter to receive weekly schedule updates, including any hiatus weeks. You can also check our Facebook Page.


Attendance to Shelter Sunday is free.