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May 2014

Three writers working collaboratively, three households on a suburban cul-de-sac, one story exploring marriage in our times. The world premiere of The Shelter's newest experiment.
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JUST MISSED Peep Show Fetish Poster

Peep Show: Fetish

Mar 12, 2014

The Shelter gets kinky with our newest Peep Show. Explore the world of fetish. Explore your uncontrollable desires. This is how theatre gets stripped down.
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"Entertaining ... comical and penetrating ... hauntingly nuanced."
— Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage

"I imagine working on this piece would have to be an extremely collaborative process. The hard and specific work by all is evident."
— Maura Kelley,

Shelter Sunday Featured

Shelter Sundays

Weekly Artist Workshop

The heartbeat of The Shelter is our weekly Shelter Sunday workshop, where writers, directors and actors challenge themselves to refine their respective crafts.
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I Am Featured

I Am The Shelter

We believe that everyone who walks through our doors is The Shelter. Our artists are proud to say "I am The Shelter", and we hope you will feel proud saying the same.
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