NON 5, 2015 - NOV 21, 2015


A two-week stay at a New York City mental hospital has provided Jillian a welcome escape from her job writing at the celebrity gossip website Trapper. While in the hospital, she developed a close friendship with her roommate, the troubled starlet Jackie Flores—who checked into the hospital incognito. In the office of Trapper, it won’t be long before such prime tabloid fodder is sniffed out and Jillian will be faced with some painful choices: loyalty or career, substance or smear. Ultimately, she’ll be forced to choose between sanity and what passes for it in a world where pop scandals and cruel obsessions are the order of the day.

  • The Shelter is to be applauded for the work it’s doing — developing new theatre and building creative relationships at a time when small theatre companies are dropping like flies. Its approach to making theatre is both practical and optimistic.

    Regina Robbins, Theatre Is Easy
  • Once upon a time there was a theater company, who decided to take a risk...

    Nicholas Linnehan,
  • ...where imagination and creativity flow freely, talent is abundant, and you walk away pleased that you have had the experience.

    Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journal

Last year, we celebrated our fifth anniversary as a company—and what started as five friends in a basement has become a five-year theatrical movement.

Five years cultivating and connecting artists through our Shelter Sunday workshop. Five years developing fresh and original theatre for the New York stage. Five years of affordable tickets for audiences. Five years of The Shelter—packed full of compelling and artistically engaging work that gives both artists and audiences a home. This year, we kick of our seventh season, which we are calling The Year of the Writer. Learn how you can join us.


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