Monday Monologue Jam

As part of our efforts to keep our artistic community engaged and creative during this socially distancing time, we presented the Monologue Monday Jam, a chance for writers to get inspired, and for actors to practice their storytelling skills while self generating content.

We randomly paired up to 15 actors with up to 15 writers, who then met at our Monday Night Mixer the night that the pairings and prompts were announced. Writers then had roughly 48 hours after meeting their actor to write a one minute monologue inspired by the assigned prompt, and Actors had roughly 72 hours after receiving their monologue on Wednesday Night to rehearse and record a performance of the monologue written just for them.

Check out the Monologue Jams on our Instagram (@TheShelterNYC), our YouTube Monday Monologue Playlist, or watch the full playlist on this page.