By Rachel Carey,
Beth Jastroch
& Bob Kolsby


By Rachel Carey, Beth Jastroch & Bob Kolsby

Directed by Michael Kingsbaker

MAY 29, 2014 - JUNE 8, 2014


3 Writers, 1 Story. In the summer of 2013, The Shelter tasked three of its most talented writers with a unique, collaborative challenge: using a palette of assigned characters, meld individually written stories into a single, seamless play. Six characters, three writers, one narrative.

Nine months later, Cul-de-Sac was born. Examining the lives of three couples living as neighbors on a suburban cul-de-sac, writers Rachel Carey, Beth Jastroch and Bob Kolsby use marriage as a forum to examine the shifting gender norms, cultural expectations and everyday realities faced by today’s young couples. They show us that what happens behind closed doors can often surprise us, challenging our beliefs about love, passion and the fidelity of marriage.


  • Meghan E. Jones
  • Kelley Gates
  • Jordan Kenneth Kamp
  • C. J. Lindsey
  • Morgan McGuire
  • Aaron Novak

Creative Team

  • Assistant Director: Jessica O’Hara-Baker
  • Production Manager: Nate Dobson
  • Stage Manager: Sam Jackson
  • Lighting design: Jake Fine
  • Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen
  • Set Design: Jonathan Ashley
  • Costume Design: Jonathan Ashley
  • Carpenter: Dave Maulbeck
  • Fight Director: John Patrick Hayden
  • House Manager: Liarra Michelle
  • CUL-DE-SAC is an emotional roller coaster through the reality of modern coupling. It's what we think a relationship is, what we want it to be and the truth all at once. I sat, staring, chin in my palms, cussing, thoroughly entertained.

    Craig muMs Grant, HBO’s Oz, Birdman
  • The collaboration and talent of the ensemble, on stage and off, is felt throughout the play.

    Padraic Lillis, The Farm Theater
  • CUL-DE-SAC is deftly and dedicatedly directed by Michael Kingsbaker with raw honesty from a super strong ensemble. It left me haunted by the idea that we might never be able to defeat the ghosts of our parents marriages—that we bound to repeat those same mistakes.

    Lindsay Joy