We Work For The Registry


Monday, March 19, 2018


500 W 52nd Street, 3W

The Registry of the title was a city agency that hired over-qualified young adult, most of whom were seeking a life in the art, to try (and usually fail) to induce reluctant subs to take over the classes of absentee teachers. Set in the school year of 1980-1981, the play, a comedy, follows five registry workers as they fulfill the minimal demands of a trivial job, focus on the dreams and desires of their intended careers, navigate friendships and romances, and deal with an outside world that portends significant challenges and changes.


Beth Jastroch


  • Michael Bernstein
  • Emily Cannon-Brown
  • Jason Coombs
  • Cait Cortelyou
  • Jordan Kenneth Kamp
  • Cindy Fernandez

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