Shelter REDUX revisits a redrafted full length play previously produced as a Shelter Main Stage production. The Shelter produces with a mind toward further development and REDUX offers a chance to see that development in our space once again.

Women hear it all the time. “You’re overreacting.” “Why are you so emotional?” “She’s crazy.” While the diagnosis of “female hysteria” has shrunk from medical lexicons, the gendered myth continues as a pervasive meme in modern American culture. TRAPPER by Meghan E. Jones challenges the notion of “crazy” through the microcosm of Jillian Little. A two-week stay at a New York City mental hospital has provided Jillian a welcome escape from her job writing at the celebrity gossip website Trapper. While in the hospital, she develops a close friendship with her roommate, the troubled starlet Jackie Batiste—who checked into the hospital incognito. In the office of Trapper, it won’t be long before such prime tabloid fodder is sniffed out and Jillian will be faced with some painful choices: loyalty or career, substance or smear. Ultimately, she’ll be forced to choose between sanity and what passes for it in a world where pop scandals and cruel obsessions are the order of the day.

Meghan E. Jones is an actor and playwright from the Show-Me State. Her NYC/Regional theatre credits include Helen Jones in Machinal, Annie in The Real Thing, Kate  in the Shelter’s Red Room (NYIT Nom for Best Actress) and Edna Pontellier in Ugly Rhino’s critically acclaimed original adaptation of the Kate Chopin novel, The Awakening. In addition to the stage, Meghan can be seen in numerous national and international commercials, short films, including the award winning Notes From the Acrid Plain, and the recent feature, Only Fear of Death. She would like to thank her family at the Shelter for keeping the fire burning bright.


Courtney Wetzel


Nicole Kang

Alice Kremelberg

John Adams

John DiMino

Bree O’Connor

Kim Rios Lin

Leah N. Raymond


Gene Frankel Theatre

24 Bond Street

New York, NY 10012


6 (Bleeker-Lafayette)

B/D/F/M (Broadway-Lafayette)

R/W (Prince Street)