The Invisible Net


Monday, May 21, 2018


500 West 52nd Street, 3W

Outside of a bar at the crossroads of This Way and That Way, a man known to us as The Fella wrestles with his past, his hopes, and his fears as he decides which direction go. THE INVISIBLE NET is a modern allegory exploring the things that hold us back, the things that hold us up, and the long scary journey from one’s head to one’s heart.


Courtney Wetzel


  • Eden Marryshow
  • Paco Lozano
  • Tommy Buck
  • Jamie Neumann
  • Allison Zajac-Batell
  • Analisa Velez
  • Jeorge Watson
  • Gene Gillette
  • Morgan McGuire
  • Madeline McCray
  • Chris Herbie Holland
  • Rocky Vega
  • Mike Geary

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