3:56 AM

DEC 4, 2009 - DEC 5, 2009


You’re in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The clock reads 3:56 AM. If you’re up, something is probably happening. Something extraordinary. And that could be a good thing. Or a bad thing. Or something completely out of this world. Nine Shelter writers found inspiration in this magical time, painting stories from the familiar and funny to the hauntingly deranged.

No Tengo Mi Mango

Written by Eugene Turonis, Directed by Kitty Lindsay, Featuring Eugene Turonis

Everywhere, All Ways

Written by Michael Kinsgbaker, Directed by Dave Lankford, Featuring Andrew Schechter and Melinda Smart


Written and directed by Jonathan Ashley, Featuring James Rich and Maiken Wiese

Prince Charming

Written by Dave Lankford, Directed by Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring Meghan E. Jones

When All Else Fails...

Written by Maiken Wiese, Directed by Melinda Smart, Featuring Katie Apicella, Jamie Dugger, Kitty Lindsay and James Rich

Ben in the Oven

Written and directed by Jamie Dugger, Featuring Andrew Schechter and Maiken Wiese

Passing Ships

Written by Melinda Smart, Directed by Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring Meghan E. Jones and Kitty Lindsay

Pipe Cleaner

Written by Kitty Lindsay, Directed by Maiken Wiese, Featuring Michael Kingsbaker and Dave Lankford

Studio 354

Written by Stefanie Coren, Directed by Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring Katie Apicella, Stefanie Coren and Beth Jastroch


Connected and directed by Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring T. D. White

Lighting Design: Chris Noke
Stage Manager: Jonathan Ashley