May 20, 2010 - May 23, 2010


A lone motel room, somewhere along a nondescript road in the American Midwest. Explore the stories that have transpired over decades in this single, small, solitary space. Eight original short plays, written, directed and acted by The Shelter’s family of artists.

A Powerful Man

Written by Dave Lankford, Directed by Jonathan Ashley, Featuring Dave Lankford and Kitty Lindsay


Written by Eugene Turonis, Directed by Loren Dunn, Featuring Meghan E. Jones and James Rich


Written by Emily Turonis, Directed Geeta Pereira, Featuring Loren Dunn, Andy Hassell and Eugene Turonis


Written by Lawrence Crimlis, Directed by Emily Turonis, Featuring Maggie Alexander and James Rich

Home Stretch

Written and directed by Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring Lawrence Crimlis and Emily Robin Fink

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Written by Meghan E. Jones, Directed by Dave Lankford, Featuring Loren Dunn and Jordan Kenneth Kamp

Food For Thought

Written by Kitty Lindsay, Directed by Emily Robin Fink, Featuring Michael Kingsbaker and Maiken Wiese

Best Idea in the World Ever

Written and directed by Beth Jastoch, Featuring Meghan E. Jones, Geeta Pereira and Emily Turonis

Lighting Design: Chris Noke
Stage Manager: Jonathan Ashley