May 20, 2010 - May 23, 2010


The holidays are great. Really. Right? Well, in theory. An assortment of original short plays and monologues, each providing a singular view of this joyful, sorrowful, ridiculous and endlessly complex holiday.

Eat My Cheer

Written and directed by Jonathan Ashley, Featuring Michael Kingsbaker and Meghan E. Jones

Return to the Island of Misfit Toys

Written and directed by Kitty Lindsay, Featuring Michael Bernstein, Paco Lozano and Eugene Turonis

A Burn That Don't Come Out

Written by Michael Kingsbaker, Directed by Beth Jastroch, Featuring Dave Lankford and T. D. White

He Knows When You Are Sleeping

Written and directed by Dave Lankford, Featuring Maggie Alexander, Michael Bernstein, Loren Dunn, Andy Hassell, Meghan E. Jones, Natalya Krimgold and Emily Turonis

Feliz Navi New Dad

Written by Beth Jastroch, Directed by Kitty Lindsay, Featuring Maggie Alexander, Leslie Kendall Dye, Cynthia Shaw and Eugene Turonis

Merry Christmas, Kathy

Written by Meghan E. Jones, Directed by Beth Jastroch, Featuring Emily Robin Fink and Jordan Kenneth Kamp

A Christmas Family Christmas

Written by Melinda Smart, Directed by Meghan E. Jones, Featuring Michael Bernstein, Andy Hassell, Michael Kingsbaker, Natalya Krimgold, Paco Lozano, Wendy Mae Shelton and Melinda Smart

Stocking Stuffers

Written and performed by Anna Bradfield, Beth Jastroch, Michael Kingsbaker, Natalya Krimgold, Wendy Mae Shelton, Melinda Smart, Eugene Turonis and Maiken Wiese

Set Design: Jonathan Ashley
Lighting Design: Chris Noke