May 5, 2011 - May 15, 2011


In 1928, American master Edward Hopper painted Night Windows, three windows of a city apartment offering a fractured, voyeuristic glimpse into the private world of a feminine figure in a pink slip. Three playwrights from The Shelter have lent their diverse talents to the task of adapting this haunting image for the stage. Together, this trio of one-act plays offers a soulful, comical and otherworldly tribute to this timeless, nocturnal masterpiece.

“Hopper was an enthusiastic theater-goer. The continuous curve of the outer sill in the foreground of Night Windows is like the edge of a stage beyond which the scene within the room unfolds.” — Helen M. Franc, An Invitation to See: 150 Works from The Museum of Modern Art.

Perfume and Maple

Written by Melinda Smart, Directed by Beth Jastroch, Assistant Director Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring Emily Robin Fink and Paco Lozano

Freak Closet

Written by Beth Jastroch, Directed by Meghan E. Jones, Assistant Director Jonathan Ashley, Featuring Ginger Kearns and Michael Kingsbaker

Night of the Living

Written by Dave Lankford, Directed by Olivia Killingsworth, Assistant Director Michael Bernstein, Featuring Belle Caplis and Dave Lankford

Creative Team

  • Producers: Meghan E. Jones and Kitty Lindsay
  • Technical Director: Jonathan Ashley
  • Stage Manager: Michael Denis
  • Scenic Design: Brandon Hardy
  • Lighting Design: Jake Fine
  • Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen
  • Music: Alec A. Head
  • NIGHT WINDOWS presents the audience with three separate one act plays that hop surefootedly from gritty realism, to hilarious farce, and then heartbreaking fantasy.
  • Stark, quietly powerful... an ambitious effort.

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