FEB 31, 2013 - MAR 3, 2013


A bare stage. A single light. By tradition, a ghost light is left lit on stage when a theater is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark. Some claim this ritual, which precedes the invention of electricity, to exist for reasons of safety, but according to superstition, this polite deference to the theater’s resident spirits will avoid incurring their wrath – the forms of which may range from instances of minor bad luck to outright violence.

GHOST LIGHT is an intimate, theatrical affair with six short plays that make effective use of an aggressively minimal setup: a single, caged work light (a “ghost light”) hung above a bare stage, live music and sound effects, and a closely gathered audience – primed to let their imaginations fill the surrounding darkness with whatever forms the stories conjure.

Make Love with the Light On

Written by Bob Kolsby, Directed by Beth Jastroch, Featuring Katelyn Collins and Andy Hassell


Written by Meghan E. Jones, Directed by Lily Robbins, Featuring Michael Bernstein and Stephanie Ringstaff

The Fly Space

Written by Beth Jastroch, Directed by Michael Kingsbaker, Featuring Ian Bell, Danielle Beckmann and Nick Steven


Written by Dave Lankford, Directed by Meghan E. Jones, Featuring Lawrence Crimlis and Morgan McGuire

On with the Show

Written by Michael Sean McGuinness, Directed by Olivia Killingsworth, Featuring Aubrey Ball, Loren Dunn and Maiken Wiese

Ingredients for Love

Conceived by Michael Kingsbaker, Directed by Ian Bell, Featuring Stephen Alan Wilson

Creative Team

  • Technical Director: Jonathan Ashley
  • Stage Manager: Dave Lankford
  • Scenic Design Associate: Brandon Hardy
  • Lighting Design: Jake Fine
  • Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen
  • Music: Andy Evan Cohen and Olivia Killingsworth
  • Makeup Design: Lisa Forst
  • Costume Design: Charlotte Lily Gaspard
  • House Manager: Emily Robin Fink
  • Publicity: Heller Highwater, LLC

    Martin Denton,
  • These six plays certainly make for an entertaining evening. All are based on the struggle between light and darkness, whether in the theater or in the heart... Some are richly endowed with humor, some more intensely dramatic. The writing is clever, succinct, and engaging, and the actors carry it all off with talent and charm.

    Karen D’Onofrio, Electronic Link Journal
  • Real fear is felt and comic moments hit hard ... The work that The Shelter is doing is exciting and innovative, and worth exploring.

    Blair Simmons, Washington Square News
  • The one-acts play on a variety of moods; from humorous to chilling to emotionally powerful, GHOST LIGHT is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

    Katherine Krauss, Inside New York