Written and Directed by Jonathan Ashley

JUNE 20, 2013 - JUNE 30, 2011


Boldy go! LILY & KOSMO LIVE is a cosmic romp that pays homage to the broadcast space operas of the 1950s. With characters voiced on stage by The Shelter’s ensemble, live sound effects, animations and projected illustrations, playwright and director Jonathan Ashley conjures a storybook galaxy that is both nostalgic and entirely new. Join six-year-old space cadets Lily Lupino, Kosmo Kidd, and the Spacetronauts as they skip across the universe and evade the clutches of the sinister Meanman of Morgo. Boldly go where no audience has gone before.

LILY & KOSMO LIVE is made possible in part with public funds from the Fund for Creative Communities, supported by New York State Council on the Arts, and the Manhattan Community Arts Fund, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council — both administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


  • Danielle Beckmann
  • Jordan Kenneth Kamp
  • Bob Kolsby
  • Howard Pinhasik
  • Thea McCartan
  • Michael William Bernstein
  • Paco Lozano
  • Dave Lankford
  • Nick Stevens

Creative Team

  • Stage Manager: Liz Elise Richards
  • Assistant Director: Lily Robbins
  • Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen
  • Foley Artist: Andy Evan Cohen
  • Music: Lily Robbins
  • Lighting Design: Cate DiGirolamo
  • House Manager: Emily Robin Fink
  • Publicity: Heller Highwater, LLC

Behind the Characters


    The New York Times
  • It's a fantasy and playwright and director Jonathan Ashley plays with the stage with the giddiness of a child and ingenuity of a game programmer.

    Kat Chamberlain,
  • A beautiful adventure through space... Ashley’s love for the era and the medium is evident. His care and attention to fleshing out a full world of adventure is a real trip for the audience. He also lovingly incorporates important themes for younger audiences about gender equality, imagination and family.

    Jason Rost, Theatre Is Easy
  • The cast plays multiple roles with distinctness and great flourish. Lily by Danielle Beckmann is adorable and a total spacial force to be reckoned with. Jordan Kenneth Kamp is that boy who rises to the occasion and wins your heart. Dave Lankford's witty Gernsback gives all of our favorite space 'bots' a run for their money. Paco Lozano's 'chef' Pando shines with goofy charm. Thea McCartan is compulsively watchable as Dr. Meniscus. Nick Steven's baby Otto proves that you don't need a word to steal the scene. Not to be forgotten is of course 'The Meanman' by a delicious Howard Pinhasik; what's a space opera without a super villain? Most impressive is sound designer and Foley artist Andy Evan Cohen, who is the one-man sound effect wizard making his magic right on the stage. With all that is going on - frantically sometimes, his beat propels the show as surely as Lily's indomitable spirit.

    Kat Chamberlain,