Extremely Bad Praxis


Monday, August 20, 2018


312 W 36th Street

EXTREMELY BAD PRAXIS is a dark comedy about two sisters struggling to do the right thing—for themselves, each other, and society—in a dangerous time. Ash, a young labor organizer and antifascist activist, moves into her wealthy ad executive sister Katy’s Dumbo apartment. The two sisters begin to reconcile their dysfunctional past and divergent lives. Katy’s boyfriend Will, the chief aide to an eccentric venture capitalist, is suspicious of Ash’s motives. When Ash tries to recruit her sister into the leftist Antifa movement, she sets off a chain of events that test the strength of the sisters’ bond and forces every character to reckon with the rising tide of fascism in America in 2017. And jokes.


Jenny Reed


  • Claire Fort
  • Shelley Fort
  • Laris Macario
  • Michael Bernstein
    Thea McCartan

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